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Enrollment at Syble Hopp School

Enrollment Process

Syble Hopp is a separate public day school primarily for students in Brown County and who reside in one of the seven participating districts with complex support needs which extend beyond what can be provided in their resident district.  Determinations for students to attend Syble Hopp are made by IEP teams.  Initial placement may be considered at an IEP meeting following completion of the intake process which includes, but is not limited to the following:


  • Director of Student Services from the District of Residence (LEA) has determined SHS could be an appropriate placement

  • Record Review by Syble Hopp School which will consider at least the following:

    • Age and Grade Level

    • Areas of Impairment

    • Intellectual Skills

    • Academic Skills

    • Adaptive Skills

    • IEP is aligned with the Alternate Standards

    • Safety and Behavior

    • Are the supports, services and goals able to be sufficiently provided in our school environment?

  • Observation in the student’s current educational setting

  • Tour of Syble Hopp School with family

Prospective Families:

Syble Hopp School (SHS) is a placement determination for students who are residents of one of our seven participating districts (De Pere, West De Pere, Wrightstown, Denmark, Ashwaubenon, Howard-Suamico and Pulaski).  Families interested in their child potentially attending Syble Hopp School should connect with the Director of Student Services in their resident district (or Local Education Agency) to discuss if this would be a possible option along a continuum of placements.  Families who plan to move into one of the seven districts for the sole purpose of having their child attend SHS are encouraged to contact the intended district of residence prior to doing so as Syble Hopp School’s capacity is limited and is a placement for select children. 

Current Families:

Continuing placement at Syble Hopp School is considered by IEP teams at every IEP meeting, which occurs at least once per year.  Teams consider student progress, goals, needs, services, and other factors when determining if a student will continue to attend Syble Hopp School, or if another placement option is the Least Restrictive Environment. 

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