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Syble Hopp School

Mission Statement

To provide an educational setting and program option for students with intellectual and other developmental disabilities so that each student is able to reach their fullest potential becoming self-confident individuals who have grown and developed into productive members of the community .

Adult Students

Program Description

Syble Hopp School is a public school that is funded through Brown County. Educational programming is provided at Syble Hopp School to meet the needs of children with disabilities between the ages of three to a student's twenty-first birthday residing in Brown County in the seven districts served (De Pere, West De Pere, Wrightstown, Denmark, Ashwaubenon, Howard-Suamico and Pulaski). Through early intervention and the programming available in each district's integrated setting, attempts are made to avoid the need for continued special programming. However, in the cases where continued special programming is necessary, education can take place in the least restrictive environment in which the child is successful at Syble Hopp School (see curriculum for more information on programming).

Local educational agencies are responsible for the provisions of educational services and programs to children with disabilities who reside within their school districts, per Wisconsin Administrative Code Public Instruction 11, Wisconsin Statute 115 and Federal Law Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. The Brown County Children with Disabilities Education Board (BCCDEB) may collaboratively provide programming and administrative supervision.

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