Food Service

2019-2020 Lunch Prices

Full Price $3.30

Reduced .40

Adult $4.00

Extra Milk .30

Students participating in a meal program need to set up a meal account. Each time your child purchases a meal, the cost is deducted from that account. If a parent wishes to eat a meal with their student, they need to pay separately and not use their child's account. When your child's account gets low, you will receive a notice to add more dollars into your child's account. If your child qualifies for free or reduced meals and he/she takes an extra milk, it is your responsibility to pay for the extra milk. Only one milk is included in the free and/or reduced meal program.

The Brown County CDEB, the National Hot Lunch program and the Syble Hopp School's Wellness Program is concerned about providing students with the best possible nutrition at school. Proper nutrition is important for both physical and educational development. Nourishing meals assist students in making the most of their educational opportunities.

Accordingly, it is policy that the sale of foods in minimal nutritional value shall be prohibited throughout the school grounds during designated meal periods. Foods of minimal value include soft drinks, water ices (ie, popsicles), chewing gum, and certain types of candies (hard candies, jellies and gums, marshmallow candies, fondant, licorice, spun candy and candy coated popcorn). This prohibition applies to all food sales on school grounds including sales from vending machines.