Camp Week Videos

Camp Week with OTs & PTs

A Visit to Lion's Camp

Fishing with Emily

Building a Campfire with Todd

Making Trail Mix with Jill

Pudgie Pies with the Camps

Letter Lookout with Jayme


Indoor Camping with Whitney & Lily

Sidewalk Chalk with Julie

Yard Games with Megan

Wisconsin Bird Watching.mp4

Bird Watching with Michelle

Tuesday Cookout with Fry, Laura and Julie

Campfire songs with Miss D

Set up a tent with Michelle

Nature Hike with Jane

Camping with Trista

Healthy Butterfly Snack - Julie.MOV

Butterfly Snack with Julie

Healthy Butterfly Snack.pdf

Recipe for Butterfly Snack

Banana Boat snack with Tammy

Nature Fun with Dave

Camp Yoga with Kristen

Bear Hunt with Cloey

Making Binoculars with Trish

What you may need to make binoculars

ice cream in a

Ice Cream in a Bag with Leslie

ice cream.pdf

Ice Cream in a Bag Visuals


rain stick craft.pdf

How to Use a Sleeping Bag with Jayme

The Difference between a Canoe and Kayak .MOV

The difference between a canoe and a kayak with Darla's Team