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Social Stories

Each student is different, but here are some examples of social stories that may be helpful to your child as they approach returning to school in person. Reading social stories together can help prepare them for some of the many changes to their school experience.

Social Story_Getting the COVID19 Vaccine.pdf

Getting a Vaccination 1

Getting a Vaccination 2

Masks Face Shields and Gloves.pdf

Masks, Face Shields and Gloves, Oh My!

When can I stop wearing a mask.pdf

When Can I Stop Wearing a Mask?

Why Does my Teacher Look Different.pdf

Why does my Teacher Look Different?

What is Social Distancing.pdf

What is Social Distancing?

Wearing a Mask to School.pdf

Wearing a Mask to School

Riding the Bus will be Different.pdf

Riding the Bus will be Different

Daily Screening for Symptoms

Here are some visuals you may find helpful at home when helping your child report any possible symptoms of COVID-19.

COVID 19 daily screening questions.pdf

Daily Symptom Questions

Visual of Symptoms 2.pdf

Visual of Symptoms

Visual of Symptoms.pdf

Visual of Symptoms

Daily Check Symptoms 3.pdf

Symptom Checker in Phrases

COVID LITTLE Questions.pdf

Symptom Checker in Phrases with Yes/No

Yes No Visual.pdf